Thursday, September 17, 2009

Rainy Day

I am having one of those "Do you ever wish you had more hours in a day?" kind of days. I have SO much to do but no time! Or do I ??? I have never mastered the art of time management but It seems that I hear that from many crafty folks. I certanly do not feel like one of those crafty folks right now but I know she's still here hiding and watching and learning just waitng to come out and get all Martha Stewart on somebody!

I really just needed to write and connect today! I am hoping this rain won't slow me down and I can get my sluggish self MOVING!!!

Thursday, September 03, 2009

Is it Fall yet?

I am enjoying the cooler weather we have been having but also being very realistic. Our weather is so crazy it could be 90 degrees tomorrow you never know!

I have been in a moderately crafty mood lately and made 2 Octoberish canes. One is the Breast Cancer Awareness ribbon and the other is a SPOOKY skull and cross bones. OK it is not that spooky but I guess it is kind of cool. I was thinking when I made it how I would like to think I could do a lovely pictorial tutorial of how I made it but it , like many other things in my life was "thrown together". I used Sculpey III for the face and eyes and (mistakenly) used Studio by Sculpey for the back ground. I knew it was very soft so I mixed it with some Sculpey III but when I reduced it the orange background squished all over the face and bones. SO I cut out a lot of the orange and mixed a little of it with silver and then repacked it, all the while shaving off excess so I could see what I was reducing. Now wouldn't that be a lovely tutorial?