Monday, July 27, 2009

I have a really hard time changing ANYTHING I do. It seems recycling has always been something I have done, although that could not be possible growing up in the 70's & 80's. It was always disgusting to me that people would throw trash on the ground but the thought that reducing the amount of trash and possibly even reusing some of the things we use was just not there for me. I do recall thinking how cool it would be to collect aluminum cans to take to this "magical "place to get money for them would be never wondering WHY they are taken there!

Now my whole family recycles! My kids bring bottles home from school! I love finding ways to reuse items that normally would go to Goodwill. That is why I love the website Whip Up! I have it on my home page because she has 5+ new crafty things to do everyday and many of them are recycled and upcycled items! I just love finding new websites to ponder and drool over! Cute Little Disaster is a great blog too!!

What started me thinking was an article I read about Triclosan from antibacterial soaps and such entering the water and being found in dolphins. I was thinking about all of those silly emails I get about how we survived in the 70's without seatbelts, antibacterial soap, carseats etc. That is a little extreeme but knowing about the harmful chemicals that still enter the water is something important to think about. I work at a preschool and we squirt antibacterial hand cleanser like life depended on it! BUT, all of the kids and teachers (ME) still get sick. So, how do you get parents and teachers to stop doing something that was developed out of a fear of sickness when they will still have a fear if they don't use the product? Does that make sense?

We are so used to doing whatever is easiest that it really seems that trying something new is never going to happen! If we can start small and suggest other options to friends and family then one day we can make BIG changes!!! I also think if stores would stop handing out plastic bags for groceries and "give" reusable bags there would be another BIG change! Change consumers options and give them new ones. Just a thought.

Those are my ramblings for now... :)

Sunday, July 26, 2009

I am working again! I tried the torn watercolor paper technique I learned from Cindy Leitz my newest beads. HMMM I think I need more practice! Oh Well I had fun.

My paper beads look so cool! I will post them once I get them all shiny!

My friend and I went to the Charlotte Farmers Market this Saturday and I found out that I can sell my beads and jewelry there for only $10 a space! I am looking forward to that (except for the heat). I met 2 vendors that are especially cool.

One has a business called Lollipop Monkey. Cute name huh? She uses the most beautiful and modern fabric to make belts, bibs, mirrors and more here is a link to her website.

The other vendor has a company called 'O My Soap'. Cute too! She and her parents make homemade soap, lipbalm, and other (as I call them) "smellgoodies"!

These are local women selling what they make and I LOVE IT!!! Check them out!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Outside the box

I am always complaining that doctors and other professionals don't think outside the box and now I know why. Because I secretly know that I want to think outside the box more. I buy book after book and read craft websites, I buy magazines but hardly EVER try the tings I see. I stay symmetrical and sometimes boring in my jewelry design. I have decided that will try to step outside that box and try new things.

I want to make my own clasps like I saw in the new wire step by step magazine, and I am going to work with copper to add in with my polymer clay like I saw on Cindy Leitz's website. I even saw how to make jewelry with paper!I am really exploring that technique. How cool to have that added in with my polymer clay beads!

It would be so fun and easy for my kids to do and we could begin to use paper that would normally be recycled or even (GASP) thrown away! My kids are so appalled that a friend of theirs does not recycle. The thought of throwing a bottle glass or plastic in the trash just sends shivers down my spine!

Speaking of that, I went to high school with someone who is really doing great things in the clothing industry using 100% recycled materials. Here is a link to a story on his products! They look really great!,0,3491695.story You will have to copy and paste, I'm still new to this...

Just a random picture of a really BIG Praying Mantis I saw!!!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Saturday...not a productive day

I am really excited about my etsy shop (if I do say so myself). I have worked really hard to make my beads and jewelry as nice as I possibly can. I am now trying to make my messy workspace orderly and set up so it makes sense to me. As hard as I try it still stays like this...

If you have any suggestions I would LOVE them.

I did apply one idea I read about. I put all of my blades in a toothbrush travel container. Very nice. Now I don't worry about dragging my arm across them in my tool holder and cutting it. Also, it is a good place for them so my daughter won't get cut when she is working in my space.

Speaking of that, anybody ever experience this...the work area has been vacant for a day or so and everyone in the house is busy but the first second I sit down I have 2 kiddos looking at me asking if they can use my space to make beads. I am so torn between me being selfish and wanting to be alone and being excited that my kids are interested in art.

Friday, July 17, 2009


SOOOO! I have been very slack about posting but I have been working so much on my polymer clay beads! You must subscribe to Cindy Leitz's polymer clay video tutorials! I have learned so much from her. The link is on the left side of my page.

I have taken her idea of the "Jupiter Bead" and expanded on it a little. I turned it into a disk bead and stamped it. Since I did not have ink or whatever may have been an appropriate medium for staining my bead, mixed a bunch of colors of acrylic paint together to form a gross color of brown slathered it on the disks and then wiped off the excess. I was quite proud of the results. With a light coat of future floor polish, the paint was set and I am happy!

I also used a Jupiter bead to make a key chain! LOVE IT!!!
Here is a close-up of the bead then one of the dangly things !:)

My daughter and son love to make the beads too! I think My daughter has perfected her lentil bead and now she wants to sell them like Mommy does. Go girl!!!!