Thursday, September 03, 2009

Is it Fall yet?

I am enjoying the cooler weather we have been having but also being very realistic. Our weather is so crazy it could be 90 degrees tomorrow you never know!

I have been in a moderately crafty mood lately and made 2 Octoberish canes. One is the Breast Cancer Awareness ribbon and the other is a SPOOKY skull and cross bones. OK it is not that spooky but I guess it is kind of cool. I was thinking when I made it how I would like to think I could do a lovely pictorial tutorial of how I made it but it , like many other things in my life was "thrown together". I used Sculpey III for the face and eyes and (mistakenly) used Studio by Sculpey for the back ground. I knew it was very soft so I mixed it with some Sculpey III but when I reduced it the orange background squished all over the face and bones. SO I cut out a lot of the orange and mixed a little of it with silver and then repacked it, all the while shaving off excess so I could see what I was reducing. Now wouldn't that be a lovely tutorial?

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trueakitalover said...


I saw something and thought of you immediately. I was watching the travel channel and they were talking about sea glass and how they made jewelery out of it. The glass was really amazing frosted blues, reds, oranges, greens. They get it from the San Francisco bay.