Tuesday, March 15, 2011

A funny thing happened when we all lost power...

Sunday afternoon was absolutely GORGEOUS here! Perfect temperature and the neighborhood kids were outside playing but...I was inside at my computer until the power shut off. No warning, just blank screen and a strange sound. No that was no sound it was NO sound. As in no Sponge Bob, NO whatever other really annoying cartoons that are trying to be passed off as funny, no hummm of anything! It was so nice!

SO I immediately assumed I hadn't paid my power bill. Not that that has ever happened or any thing, :), but you know just in case. Apparently everyone else did that too. Then the next step, text my girl Bethe a few streets over. Power was out there too!

Then guess what ? All of my neighbors came outside. It was like Sunday on the farm! With out all that fried gravy-fied goodness of course. We all chatted, and laughed, and all of us realized that we had either been inside on the computer or watching TV. I was really neat to see everyone outside all at once and for 2 hours we had a technology free afternoon. (except my occasional sneaks to my phone)

I am so enjoying twitter. I don't tweet all that much. Nor do I get @mention"ed" often, but just reading and seeing how creative so many people are is fun! I love the different personalities that all of the folks I follow have. Many do not have the same personal opinions that I do, some use language that I only wish I had the guts to use, some are not the same religion as I am, and but every one of their tweets is fun to read. I love technology! It takes me places I would never otherwise go, and gives me ideas that may never evolve but just knowing there is a tutorial for it waiting for me is all I need to get through another day!

Even though those Twitter peeps my never read this, I want to put a BIG thanks out "there" for all of the encouragement I get daily!


Rhonda said...

I have to admit, I am completely lost without power! However, the last time our power went out our family played a couple of board games and enjoyed the evening under candle light!
I too LOVE my twitter world! I have met some great people...including you!
Looking forward to getting to know you better!
~~~rhonda~~~ xoxo
Twittle__Dee on twitter

Kim said...

Oh! Thank you for your sweet message!I love it when I get comments on here!

Renee said...

As far as I can remember, Moanna (almost 4) has never experienced a power outage. I think she'll be excited about because she knows that means she can use her flash light