Saturday, April 09, 2011

Full of potential...

As I quickly approach my shhh (40th) b-day I am really changing the way I think about things. In fact I am very purposefully thinking about things these days. I am noticing how much people talk about each other and try to be hurtful, and how being quiet is sometimes more powerful than speaking at all. I am feeling the NEED to finish things in my life ( I am terrible about leaving things undone). And how it is so important for me to do the things I love like make jewelry and take pictures and stop avoid doing them because I don't have the time or energy or whatever the excuse.

I was thinking about and even started a new blog for my "real" self to come out and then realized how ridiculous that is to have one blog for regular stuff and the other for the "real" me. How real of me is that to have an alter ego? So my intentions are to show the blog world how full of potential I am and give all I have to give. I want to challenge myself to write more and enjoy life more!

For my first full of potential post I have our flower bed that has looked just awful for years. My hubby and I decided to make a commitment to the poor thing and cleaned it out and well I will show the after picture later and you can tell me what you think! Here is the BEFORE picture. I really have to credit Rhonda from for sharing her beautiful gifts with jewelry and, spirituality and pictures of her lovely garden. That really gave me the inspiration to get to plantin'!


I mentioned it in my last post but I will say it again; I LOVE reading Twitter and getting inspiration from everyone I follow! They may not know me or that they offer such support but I find such comfort in the "realness" of everyone there!

                                                              Have a BLESSED evening!

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