Thursday, June 09, 2011


I have been semi stagnant with my craftiness for a long time! Even though I have made things here and there I haven't made an effort to sit down and be purposeful about making some new pieces of jewelry.
For years now I have been fascinated with metal working and making rings and such with silver or copper but have never really known how to get started. After recently stumbling upon Lisa Leonard's website   and Rhonda's website The Spirit Factory I became inspired. Not only are these women making INCREDIBLE stamped metal jewelry but they are living their dream and are such beautiful women inside and out! They both make jewelry using similar materials but both have their own distinct styles and flair!

So there was my dilemma.  I knew what my heart was drawing me towards but how do you admire an artist and still create your own style? I was very concerned when I first started working that it would seem like I was "borrowing" ideas, but as I continued practicing it became apparent that all of my other jewelry making knowledge was starting to tie in to my pieces.

I am having a BLAST and I do hope that although these women are an inspiration to me, that my pieces have more ME in them than anything else!

Thanks Ladies for being you and for sharing your talent!

Please check out my etsy site to see more of my work but here are a few of my new favs!


Rhonda said...

First let me say, thank for your sweet comments about me and my designs!!! So sweet of you! I too am a big fan of Lisa's work....she is amazing!
Now let me BRAG on you....girl, you are doing an AWESOME job!!! You are a very talented designer and have some great ideas!! I love your work! I am so excited for you!!! I can't wait to follow your are going to do great because your stuff is beautiful!
Best of luck sweetie!!
rhonda :-)

Renee said...

It's hard to find inspiration from others without feeling like you are copying them. I think this is something all artists (people in general actually) struggle with.