Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Back to school and such...

I just read back through my post and just realized that I am quite ADD today, so stick with me...
Well my kiddos went back to school yesterday and I thought I would fell a sense of relief because I would be freed up to be creative but I just can not get motivated. My mom shared a thought with me on procrastination that she read in a book that I thought was interesting. I have ALWAYS been a procrastinator and have looked at it as just a stopping point that I have been in until I get revved back up to work, clean etc again. But in the book this person's idea was that procrastination is actually falling back. If I look at it that way I may be more motivated to get things done (by force of course. OOOO Dr. Seuss) because I surely do not want to go backwards. I have a hard enough time inching forwards day to day.

SO, I have a project I am working on that I am going to finish today. I am making a dog adornment, necklace, I just can't find the right name for what it is, but a little dangly thing to hang off of a dog's collar. But not just any dog, my favorite celebrity blogger Perez Hilton's dog Teddy Hilton. I emailed him to get and address and HE EMAILED ME BACK!!! OK I am not 15 anymore but I was very excited. I have made a cane out of Polymer clay in the likeness of his beloved dog Teddy Hilton and I am going to (somehow) fix it so it will attach to his collar. I am still on that part of the project. How to do this??? This is my challenge!

I also saw a link on WHIP UP to a poop bag that attaches to a dog collar. I may give that a whirl today too. (MUST NOT LOOK AT THE PILE OF CLOTHES TO FOLD...)

As I mentioned my babies returned to school yesterday and loved it! We have such a great Elementary school here! I Don't know how I can possibly have a 7 yo and a 9 1/2 yo when I feel like I am a teenager. I don't think my brain developed past 17 years old. That was me rocking to the Jonas Brothers last Friday people!!!
(ok so Henry did not go to school but doesn't he look SO cut in the little Appalachian T-shirt?)

I just heard about this organization and I love it! I am very interested in reusing materials but if reusing materials helps women get out of poverty that is just amazing! Wouldn't it be fun to teach homeless or poverty stricken women in the US to make these beads? I have made them and it is lots of fun! My daughter even loves to make them. These beads can also be made from fused plastic bags. I have been working on fusing a lot of bags but that is one of my many "in progress" things I have done!

Since I am rambling and jumping from project to project, check out Family Fun this month. are lots of fun things to make by upcycling. I just made the reusable sandwich container out of a plastic gallon jug. Easy and really GREEN!!!

Have fun being creative!

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