Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Late night discoveries

I have been up searching the web for new and interesting sites and I stumbled upon called Natural Medicine Talk http://www.natmedtalk.com/ and have found it to be very interesting. The Health forums are full of diverse topics but the first one that caught my eye was about cancer since my father and aunt are dealing with it right now. I also saw more info about Vitamin D. I have heard more and more about the benefits of using it and there were so many people on the forum that had experience with using it.

I even learned how to give an Indian Head Massage. Now if I can just teach someone to give me one!

I really found Natural Medicine Talk to be easy to navigate and I really loved that they highly discouraged spammers! I never like giving out my email address on a website but I felt much better about doing so on this one.

My goal is to get healthier, more organized, and defiantly more sleep! So GOODNIGHT!!!

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