Monday, August 30, 2010

I Need a Do-Over

Tired, Sleepy, Grumpy, Cranky, Teary, Fussy, Whiny. No these are not the 7 newest friends of Snow White; just my 2 children this morning. They were having much to much fun last night and stayed up late and with all of their hearts promised " Mommy, we won't be _______ (fill in any of the 7 mentioned above). Just let us stay up a little longer!" WRONG!!! Bed time will be early tonight!

This is just what I was wondering about last night though. My DH and find it difficult to stick to any routine of discipline. Maybe the problem is we try too hard to find gimmicks but nonetheless, what we are doing never works.

So, I was thinking yesterday about how my newest way to get my kids to do "chores-or their version of them" really isn't working. I do have responsibility for it as well to help motivate them but the method itself isn't very motivating. Unfortunately, like most of us, my kids are instant gratification creatures. My idea of them getting colorful glass gems each time they do what I ask or what is expected is all well and good until I realized that we started this in the summer and school has now started back and neither one of them has filled their jar. I do believe that we should have to work for our rewards but we all get paid for our jobs pretty regularly so why shouldn't they?

Which leads me to a thought... Why would I use the same method of behavior, discipline or whatever on 2 VERY different children? But even if i did want to do something different what on Earth would it be? I feel like i have tried so many things that end up just like my glass jars, half full and forgotten.

This is my challenge to anyone who stumbles across this blog. Send me any tips or techniques you have tried on your kids that have really worked that helps them want to do chores, homework, everyday expectations (dishes to sink, brush teeth, straighten room etc), and the rewards that come along with them. It would also be helpful to know what value is put on a reward; for example, doing dishes earns 1 gem that equals 30 minutes of computer, game, or TV time or something like that. Then THE most helpful part that I have been missing is what is your child's personality like and the child's age? This will be helpful because what may work on my outgoing dramatic girl probably will not work on my sometimes with drawn computer boy.

My goal is to put all of your ideas together in some form, your names will be anonymous, in categories of personality and reward systems. This will be so helpful for all of us because even if a system works for you now it may not work in a year or so. That is why ages are so important. I am encouraged that we as parents can put our heads together and help each other. I will post them periodically on this blog unless you ask me not to. My goal is to put them all together so you can find the section that age and personality applies to your child you can read other parents tried and true ways to get their children to want to work and earn rewards.

Just send any info you would like to share to and I will begin compiling all of our wisdom. I am so excited about this! Please pass my blog to any of your friends so we can begin to learn from each other. Remember those Grumpy, Whiny, Tired, Sleepy, Cranky, Fussy & Teary kids are our future leaders! (UGH!) And to that I say in advance I am sorry and I promise that they will get more sleep before they get old enough to be your leaders! :) 

Thanks for reading!

On a fun note... look at our new friend!

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