Saturday, August 07, 2010

New Ventures... Same Interests

Short but sweet for now! Finally doing something I am paid to do that I love which is working from home and selling on ebay. unfortunatly I have NO balance to get me back into by polymer clay. I do however look at a lot of websites while I sit here and will be posting some links soon. Again I LOVE Cindy Leitz's site. She is amazing! Whip Up still is a favorite. Betz White has lovely fabric and felting ideas. Tonight I found a free photography course website called which gives links to explanations of photography techniques that are simple to understand. Also has some free as well as some pay courses. I like the idea of learning online. It would probablybe time better spent than farming on FaceBook. :)

So here is the link to the ebay store! Enjoy! Great deals!
We have Lots of Gymboree! Right now there are a few very nice Chicos items, my personal favorite is the jean and tapestry jacket.

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