Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Volunteer corn, & tree frogs

In the midst of weeds and a home composter that I REALLY wish I was using, is a volunteer corn plant. We don't know where it came from. We don't know why it is there. But, we are going to see what happens with it. The day my son and I discovered it, was also the day he found this cute little tree frog hiding in the folds of the long leaves. Sounds silly but there is alot to think about in that situation.

I really like frogs and the whole concept of them. To me they are cute and fascinating, especially the tree frogs. One of my favorite sounds is the "peepers" as we call them. I know it is Spring when we can hear them out in the field behind our neighborhood. At night the tree frogs hang out on the doors looking for bugs that are attracted to the lights and the kids love to grab them and spend hour begging, "Pleeeeease can I keep it?" Rember I said I liked the concept of them. DON'T YOU PUT ONE OF THOSE THINGS ON ME THOUGH! I won't touch it and don't want it touching me.

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