Thursday, September 23, 2010

HMMMMM What to say What to say!

 I saw this website today and had to laugh! SO FUNNY! I really want to do this!   

I found it on the blog A Lil Bird Told me... I really love this blog. Lots of fun and different ideas. She mixes Dollar Store crafts with earth friendly tips and organizational tips. GOOD STUFF!

There has been a lot of stress in the air around here. Anyone else feeling that at their home? I don't know if its the change of season, full moon or what but I am tired of it. GET IT TOGETHER PEOPLE!
Whew! Now that that is off of my chest...

Anyone have an android phone? I have the epic 4G and I LOVE IT!!!!! Here is a very cool picture from one of the apps ( I love saying that...apps (:) It is from the retro camera application.

 We are still on spider watch here. Our writing spider is still hanging out at our front door. Is it strange that I get excited when she catches a yummy meal? Last summer we watched another kind of spider and I felt really sad once it got so cold and we didn't see her again. This is an interesting site that has pictures of writing spiders and has links.
                                            This is such a random post so forgive me but...

I had a huge lesson this week with my kids. There are so many things going on that I am not sure I can even write about them all but one very large thing is that we are in a place with our children that we want them to be involved with something outside of school and just plain old leisure; sports , arts etc. I was adamant that both of the kids should try a drama class. It seemed to make since because they are both funny and creative. All the while my son fought it  and needless to say I fought harder. Finally on Tuesday we had a mule being dragged moment outside the door and he eventually looked at me and said "mom, it's just not my thing. I want to play cello."  WHOA!!! I had to stop. I realized that he had a point and as long as he was willing to try something I would drop the situation. So while my gal did her drama thing we walked downtown together. It was nice to just BE with him. And cello, way cool! I hope he loves it!

Today I encourage you to take out your camera and find something (or someone) cool or interesting to capture and enjoy!

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