Thursday, September 09, 2010

Strep Throat!!!

The kiddos are home sick today but mysteriously seem to be feeling ok. That is the tricky part of strep, they are still contagious even when they feel better! AGGG! Which makes working from home difficult.

BUT, I did get a great massage this morning! The one I had last week prompted me to do something very positive for my family. I was thinking about how relaxing her tiny little room was and how easy it would be to take a small unused (or rarely used) space and make a peaceful spot for us to enjoy. I started  by taking the bonus room that is only used for video games sometimes and covered the windows, added battery operated candles (so game playing boys don't burn my house down) and added a sound machine. It is not finished yet but my kids were surprisingly very drawn to that room. It is so calm in there, like a little cave.

As every year passes, I realize how my soul is drawn towards calm and solitude. I also realize how hard it is for me to allow myself to slow down enough to appreciate the space even if I am enjoying being in there. I will post pics soon once we finish hanging curtains.

                                                        PEACE! Shalom!!

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