Saturday, July 25, 2009

Outside the box

I am always complaining that doctors and other professionals don't think outside the box and now I know why. Because I secretly know that I want to think outside the box more. I buy book after book and read craft websites, I buy magazines but hardly EVER try the tings I see. I stay symmetrical and sometimes boring in my jewelry design. I have decided that will try to step outside that box and try new things.

I want to make my own clasps like I saw in the new wire step by step magazine, and I am going to work with copper to add in with my polymer clay like I saw on Cindy Leitz's website. I even saw how to make jewelry with paper!I am really exploring that technique. How cool to have that added in with my polymer clay beads!

It would be so fun and easy for my kids to do and we could begin to use paper that would normally be recycled or even (GASP) thrown away! My kids are so appalled that a friend of theirs does not recycle. The thought of throwing a bottle glass or plastic in the trash just sends shivers down my spine!

Speaking of that, I went to high school with someone who is really doing great things in the clothing industry using 100% recycled materials. Here is a link to a story on his products! They look really great!,0,3491695.story You will have to copy and paste, I'm still new to this...

Just a random picture of a really BIG Praying Mantis I saw!!!

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PolymerClayTutor said...

Hi Kimisen! I got a Google alert on polymer clay and this post came up. What a delight to see it was you!

Glad to see you are trying to think out of the box. There are lots of ways to think out of the box, like color combinations people wouldn't normally use, patterns that are more spontaneous, unusual materials, themes that are unconventional, etc.

Think about the things that make you happy and see if you can be inspired to create something that is all you're own and you'll be out of that box, before you know it! :-) ~ Cindy Lietz