Friday, July 17, 2009


SOOOO! I have been very slack about posting but I have been working so much on my polymer clay beads! You must subscribe to Cindy Leitz's polymer clay video tutorials! I have learned so much from her. The link is on the left side of my page.

I have taken her idea of the "Jupiter Bead" and expanded on it a little. I turned it into a disk bead and stamped it. Since I did not have ink or whatever may have been an appropriate medium for staining my bead, mixed a bunch of colors of acrylic paint together to form a gross color of brown slathered it on the disks and then wiped off the excess. I was quite proud of the results. With a light coat of future floor polish, the paint was set and I am happy!

I also used a Jupiter bead to make a key chain! LOVE IT!!!
Here is a close-up of the bead then one of the dangly things !:)

My daughter and son love to make the beads too! I think My daughter has perfected her lentil bead and now she wants to sell them like Mommy does. Go girl!!!!

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