Sunday, July 26, 2009

I am working again! I tried the torn watercolor paper technique I learned from Cindy Leitz my newest beads. HMMM I think I need more practice! Oh Well I had fun.

My paper beads look so cool! I will post them once I get them all shiny!

My friend and I went to the Charlotte Farmers Market this Saturday and I found out that I can sell my beads and jewelry there for only $10 a space! I am looking forward to that (except for the heat). I met 2 vendors that are especially cool.

One has a business called Lollipop Monkey. Cute name huh? She uses the most beautiful and modern fabric to make belts, bibs, mirrors and more here is a link to her website.

The other vendor has a company called 'O My Soap'. Cute too! She and her parents make homemade soap, lipbalm, and other (as I call them) "smellgoodies"!

These are local women selling what they make and I LOVE IT!!! Check them out!

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